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As a father, I experienced first hand the anguish, fear and hopelessness that come with having a child in crisis. It was difficult for my family but we were blessed to have found a school that could help and thankfully, in our situation we had the financial means to pay for it. For the first time in a long time we saw hope, the life in my daughter's face was priceless. Unfortunately while she was enrolled we witnessed the same fear and anguish from families who were faced with not being able to afford their child’s program completion.

While attending a parent education workshop, a few other parents and myself were discussing this unfortunate occurrence and we were heartbroken and frustrated. We were seeing the results of our children’s journey’s and couldn’t imagine other children who were less fortunate not being able to complete theirs. Then in a different conversation with my daughter >>>
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Through challenging times, youth continue to move ahead due to your generous donations! >>>