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Image of Father and Son
Dear Friends,

As a father, I experienced first hand the anguish, fear and hopelessness that come with having a child in crisis. It was difficult for my family but we were blessed to have found a school that could help and thankfully, in our situation we had the financial means to pay for it. For the first time in a long time we saw hope, the life in my daughter's face was priceless. Unfortunately while she was enrolled we witnessed the same fear and anguish from families who were faced with not being able to afford their child’s program completion.

While attending a parent education workshop, a few other parents and myself were discussing this unfortunate occurrence and we were heartbroken and frustrated. We were seeing the results of our children’s journey’s and couldn’t imagine other children who were less fortunate not being able to complete theirs. Then in a different conversation with my daughter, I saw in her eyes the anguish of not having her friends who had been through so much with her not being able to experience the pride and self-confidence that comes from program completion. It was then that I knew I had to act.

Together with a group of equally concerned and committed parents, The Foundation was formed. While we wanted to help all children, we were particularly touched and connected to those who were already committed and in the process of healing. Knowing the value of “finishing what you started”, we decided to focus The Foundations’ efforts to those families.

Since our inception in 1998, we are proud to have been able to have helped dozens of families in need.

Through my own personal experience with a child in crisis, I have learned that there are many schools and programs that are changing the lives of young people in the way that CEDU helped mine. These schools and programs need our support.

I invite you to join us in our mission to help families.

Warmest Regards,

Joel J. Horowitz, Trustee




The Foundation's mission is to assist families in achieving stable and productive family lives by ensuring that the necessary funds are available to enable their children to graduate from participating schools and programs.




The Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation, originally founded in 1998 as The Friends of CEDU Foundation, is a non-profit corporation recognized as a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

Established as a separate, independent self-governing organization, The Foundation is managed and directed by volunteer trustees who are alumni parents.

While they and their children were participating in a therapeutic program, they witnessed the pain and frustration felt when families are compelled to withdraw their child prior to completion. Recognizing the importance of program completion and understanding the unique and sensitive nature of the situation, The Foundation was formed to eliminate student attrition due to financial need. The Foundation's purpose is to provide financial assistance to families where a lack of financial resources jeopardizes a student's continued enrollment.

The Foundation is focused on helping families with both parents/guardians who are committed to participating in their children's education/programs and students who are diligently progressing in those programs.

The Foundation will allocate a majority of its aid in the form of collateralized loan guarantees for the benefit of families who do not qualify under conventional loan programs. The Foundation-backed loans will be granted with competitive interest rates and will not require any collateral from benefited families. The typical loan will have a 15 year repayment terms.





The Foundation's goal is to eliminate attrition from participating schools/programs due to financial hardship. The long-term goal is to provide financial assistance to students at the time of admission. We hope that you will help us accomplish our mission and goals by taking a moment to fill out a Donation Form.