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Gifts to the Annual Fund finance loans and/or grants to families and provide the Foundation with the flexibility to use funds where they are most needed. Contributions to the Endowment Fund enhance the foundations long-term ability to help families in need.







Some schools/programs have designated funds established in their name by The Foundation. Such special funds, administered by The Foundation and identified for specific schools/programs enable donors to target their support for schools/programs that have impacted their lives. Such assigned funds will be used to support students in the named school as long as the school remains in good standing with The Foundation. Donations may not be assigned by donors to particular students/families. 




The Foundation's Development Committee is charged with growing and expanding The Foundation. Currently the majority of support for The Foundation comes from alumni parents. The Development Committee seeks support from other foundations, corporations and individuals with a commitment to helping at-risk youth. Please contact a Foundation representative if you are interested in serving on the Development Committee or wish to volunteer your time in other ways.




Dear Brandi:

I am delighted to contribute to Friends of Families Foundation and support the critical work to which I know you have long and ardently devoted yourself.

This contribution is made:

In memory of my loving wife,

Jeanne A. Petrek, MD; 1948-2005

Jeff Duban

Stephanie writes:

"I am deeply grateful to Brandi, Jim & Joel at Friends of Families Foundation for helping my family through a very difficult time . . . I am very encouraged by the work that Friends of Families does in supporting families and, particularly, in addressing the funding needs in cases where families don't have the necessary funds to pay for the programs.  I hope other families will join me in supporting Friends of Families Foundation in this very important work."