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What if I am trying to enroll my child in a Program and donít have funding. Will Friends of Families help in the beginning?
The mission of The Friends of Families Foundation is to support those families who have already started their journey. We are focused on families, committed to their childís completion of the program, who for various reasons find themselves unable to afford it. To that end, all students must be currently enrolled for a minimum of 6 months in a participating school to receive Foundation support.

Can I get a scholarship instead of a loan?
At this time, our support is in the form of collateralized loans. It is our hope that our fundraising efforts will be successful and allow us to provide scholarships for families in the future.

Will the money be paid directly to me?
All monies are held by The Foundation and paid directly to the schools in regular installments.

What is the typical time frame for completing the application process?
Typically, we can make a determination within 2 weeks.

If I am behind on tuition will Friends of Families help with that?
The Foundation pays only tuition moving forward.

Will Friends of Families pay for home visits?
The Foundation covers only tuition. Ancillary fees such as commissary, transportation, visits or other charges are not covered.