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(August 5, 2011)
A letter was posted in the Letter To Editor section of regarding the Friends of Families Foundation.The letter indicated the gratefulness of the recipient for the financial support of the Foundation.

"It is quite difficult to not know how or what else to do to help someone you love.Being a medical professional myself, I have felt especially overwhelmed and powerlessness during the search and struggle to assist my children," the author stated.

To view the letter in its entirety READ MORE


(May 23, 2011)
The Friends of Families Foundation is excited that they have received a significant donation from The Ann & Joel Horowitz Family Foundation. We are so thankful and appreciative. "This donation allows us to continue our mission of helping families in need," said Brandi Elliott, Foundation liaison. "While we have helped dozens of families over the last 13 years for close to $1,000,000 in pledged support, there are still so many families with children in programs that need our help. "A therapeutic boarding school helped my family many years ago and Ann and I have been committed to "giving back" ever since," said Joel Horowitz, donor. "We hope that our donation and continued support of The Foundation encourages others to do the same. "For any questions regarding The Foundation or to make a donation, please visit the website or contact Brandi or Dr. Jim Powell at 951-317-3151.


(December 7, 2010) One of our Benefiting Families shares, "Because of the generosity of 'Friends of Family' we were able to see our daughter, Ashlee, graduate with her High School Diploma from Northwest Acadeny. To see her on stage with her diploma in hand was such a moment of pride and satisfaction for all of us. Ashlee had worked so hard at Northwest Academy, and to have to pull her out of Northwest Academy because we couldn't afford to pay her tuition would have ruined all of the hard work Ashlee and our family had done. We can never thank 'Friends of Family' enough. Their financial aid helped to get our beautiful sweet daughter back . . . Marilyn . . ." During the holiday season we are once again reminded of the importance of family and friends. Even in the midst of continued challenging economic times, The Foundation remains blessed with generous donations enabling us to continue forward in our goal of assisting families. Thank you! ..For more of 2010 accomplishments, and looking forward to 2011, READ MORE


(June 11, 2010)  Check us out on Facebook:  Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation!  Stop by and say hi we would love to hear from you.


(February 11, 2010)  As we conclude the holiday season we are reminded of the importance of family and friends.  Even though we continue to find ourselves in challenging economic times, The foundation has been blessed with generous donations enabling us to continue forward in our goal of assisting families.  Thank you for your continued support in our efforts to help families with children in crisis.  Without you we would not be able to help families in need.

These are just a few 2009 Accomplishments.

We received a generous seed donation from Bruce and Sharon, alumni New Leaf Academy, Oregon parents which allowed us to establish a target fund specifically for New Leaf Academy in Oregon.

We have been able to continue our collaboration with the Monarch Alumni Association in providing additional targeted support for Monarch School families.

We were encouraged to have one of our benefiting families complete their journey with Bromley Brook School, Vermont.  Realizing our mission in such a joyous way gives us momentum and peace of mind knowing another family has been helped.

Clark Behavioral Loans has pledged a generous monthly donation to our general fund, affirming their mission of helping families find the funds needed to support their struggling teens.

How you can support The Foundation and together we can make a difference!

If you are a participating program that has been blessed with targeted fund giving, please consider matching donations made on your behalf.

If you are a participating program and have not yet had a target fund established benefiting your program, contact us at  We welcome an opportunity to make a presentation at your family/parent conferences.  We know making personal connections with families is a great way to share our commitment and passion for helping.

By enabling us to do a mailing to your current and alumni families we are able to connect directly with those who know firsthand how challenging it is to have a child in crisis, and how program completion can make such a difference.

If you are a referring professional, please allow us to introduce ourselves to current and alumni clients.  The more opportunities we have to share our passion and mission, the more families can benefit.  Direct mailings, email campaigns and attendance at parent support groups are all opportunities to spread the word about The Foundation.

Finally, if you are an individual able to help please consider a donation to our general fund:

Does your employer offer matching funds opportunities for charitable giving?
Does your civic or service club have donation opportunities for member charities?

As you consider your giving options, please keep us in mind.  we are a non-profit corporation designated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  Please take a moment to visit our website at for more information or a donation form.

We are looking forward to 2010 with optimism and a renewed sense of purpose and urgency.

We would like to wish you all a blessed and prosperous New Year.


(September 10, 2008) The Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation is proud to announce the establishment of a Monarch Alumni Association Fund under the umbrella of The Foundation, the 1st such fund designed for one of its participating schools.

Supported by a generous donation from the Monarch Alumni Association and matching funds by the Foundation, this special purpose fund allows friends of the Monarch School (located in Heron, MT) to donate to the Foundation and earmark those monies for students attending Monarch School.  While the donor may not name a particular benefitting student or family, targeted giving allows the Monarch School to benefit from the fund to provide financial support for future families in need.

"We are very excited to receive such generous support from the Monarch Alumni Association. Like our trustees, they are dedicated alumni parents working together to support families in need.  We are looking forward to a long future of helping Monarch School students", stated Brandi Elliott, Foundation representative.

"Working together was a natural occurrence for us.  We share similar experiences and visions both as parents and as charitable organizations.  We encourage all of our participating schools, there related associations and parent/corporate organizations to contact us to discuss targeted giving opportunities unique to their school/program," said Joel Horowitz, Foundation trustee and co-founder.  "Working side by side with the Foundation, allows us to leverage our resoureces to help more Monarch families", said Bruce Janklow, Co-President, Monarch Alumni Association.

Ther Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation, originally founded in 1998 as The Friends of CEDU Foundation, is a non-profit corporation recognized as a Section 501(c) (3) charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  According to Elliott, since its inception, The Foundation has helped dozens of families.  "In 2007, thanks to our generous donors, we were able to support 6 families.  This new association helps keep our momentum going and will hopefully motivate others to participate and contribute."

Current Friends of Families Foundation participating schools include:  Academy at Sisters (OR), Oakley School (UT), Boulder Creek Academy (ID), King George School (VT), New Leaf Academy of North Carolina (NC), New Leaf Academy of Oregon (OR), Copper Canyon Academy (AZ), Bromley Brook School (VT) and now Monarch School (MT).  Other therapeutic boarding schools should review the Foundation's website to determine if they meet the criteria of a participating school.

All donations and fundraising ideas are encouraged and appreciated and should be directed to The Foundation's representatives, Brandi Elliott 951-315-8320 or Dr. Jim Powell 951-317-3151 or


(May 9, 2008) A decade ago, while in a conversation with his daughter who was attending an emotional growth school, Joel Horowitz, saw in her eyes the anguish of not having her friends (who had been through so much with her) be able to experience the pride and self confidence that comes from program completion.  Then while attending a parent education workshop he was discussing this unfortunate occurrence with other parents and found they were also heartbroken and frustrated.  They were seeing the results of their children's journey's and couldn't imagine other children who were less fortunate not being able to complete theirs.  It was then; they decided they had to act.

Together with a group of equally concerned and committed parents, The Foundation was formed.  While they wanted to help all children, they were particularly touched and connected to those who were already committed and in the process of healing by their current enrollment at an emotional growth/therapeutic boarding school.  Knowing the value of "finishing what you start", they decided to focus The Foundation's efforts on those families.

Since the Foundation's inception in 1998, it is gratifying to know we have helped dozens of families in need.  In 2007 alone, the Foundation has supported 6 families in need.

We are excited at how swiftly the word has spread about our mission.  However, as you are well aware, keeping children enrolled in these schools/programs is an expensive yet worthy and necessary endeavor.

We write this letter in hopes of enlisting your support to help us reach our goal of helping additional families.

Please take a moment to visit our website,, which outlines our mission, charitable organization status and criteria for benefiting families as well as participating schools/programs.  Feel free to contact us for additional information.

All donations and fundraising ideas/opportunities are encouraged and appreciated.


(February 18, 2008) The Friends of Families Foundation would like to thank Bill Lane & Associates for their generous contribution.  "I've been a supporter of The Foundation since its inception 10 years ago and have watched them help numerous families.  It only makes sense that Bill Lane & Associates be a part of helping them further their important mission.  I hope and encourage the rest of our industry to do the same," stated Bill Lane, President of Bill Lane & Associates.

The Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation dedicated to financially supporting families whose children are at risk of not achieving completion from their currently enrolled program.

"Thanks to generous donors like Bill, The Foundation has assisted 6 families just in the last year," stated Dr. Jim Powell, Foundation spokesperson.  "We look forward to many more successful years of assisting families," continued Powell.

For more information or to make a donatinon, visit the website above or contact Dr. Jim Powell.


(July 23, 2007) The Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation is pleased to announce that since its reengineering efforts (fall 2006), their first benefitted family has graduated!  In collaboration with the leadership at The Oakley School in Utah, Katie was able to successfully complete her program and experience the excitement and pride of a job well done.

"This is what The Foundation was created for," said Sheryl Swibel, Foundation trustee.  "Our mission is to help children and families complete their journeys through an emotional growth or therapeutic program."  "Thanks to The Foundations trustees and the generous support of our donors we were able to step in and help when Katie and her family needed it," continued Swibel.

To support The Foundation's mission, donations can be sent to Friends of Families Foundation, C/O B. Elliott PO Box 825 Lake Arrowhead, CA. 92352


(May 8, 2007) Jim Powell of Friends of Families Foundation With Children in Crisis, Arrowhead, CA, 951-317-3151, announced the Foundation's trustees have already paved the way for three students to continue their stay through to completion at their emotional growth schools. The Foundation is working to continue raising funds so that additional families can be equally assisted. While its website is under development, donations are welcome, and brochures and information can be received by contacting the Foundation's representatives.


(May 8, 2007) The Friends of Families Foundation With Children in Crisis was founded in 1998 and helped dozens of families throughout the country continue their children's enrollment at therapeutic schools.  Recently there have been several new developments in the Foundation.

Since retooling the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization last fall, the Foundation's trustees have already paved the way for three students to continue their stay through to completion at their emotional growth schools.

With the collaboration, compassion and support of Boulder Creek Academy (Idaho), Oakley School (Utah) and New Leaf Academy (North Carolina), these families will be able to experience the accomplishment of their child's completion at their respective schools.

Therapeutic/emotional growth schools across the country are encouraged to contact the Foundation's representatives to find out how to qualify as a participating school for Foundation support.

"We are so excited to be helping families again," said Joel Horowitz, Foundation trustee.  "We know the value of program completion and hope to assist more families-in-need experience the joy we felt when our children completed their journey through emotional growth schools."

The Foundation is working to continue raising funds so that additional families can be equally assisted.  While it's website is under development, donations are welcome, and brochures and information can be received by contacting the Foundation's representatives at 951-317-3151 or


(October 20, 2006) Brandi Elliott, Arrowhead, CA, 951-315-8320, announced that she and Jim Powell (Powell & Elliott Collaborative, LLC) are working with The Friends of Families with Children in Crisis Foundation (formerly The Friends of CEDU Foundation). This is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, to financially assist families who cannot afford to keep their child in a therapeutic or emotional growth program/ school through to graduation/ completion. Woodbury Reports Inc. will pass on details when the criteria for selecting families to help and the schools/ programs that will qualify have been firmly established.


(June 12, 2002) Marguerite Sallee, President and CEO for The Brown Schools, Sandpoint, Idaho, 208-265-0607, announced their new scholarship program for the CEDU Emotional Growth Boarding Schools, including Boulder Creek Academy, CEDU High School, CEDU Middle School, Northwest Academy, and Rocky Mountain Academy. Providing discounts to families who are not able to pay the full tuition, these scholarships will be based on level of need and available space. The goal is to provide $1 million dollars in scholarship assistance each year. This complements the financial aid services already offered through loans, third-party reimbursement, discounts, and foundation giving. Families whose financial situations change while enrolled can apply for assistance from the Friends of CEDU Foundation, created by alumni parents to help families complete the emotional growth program.